Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Written by
Alex Turczak

Published by
Babson Free Press

Think back to your senior year of high school. It's a typical night, ok, maybe not so typical. You've just been accepted into the #1 entrepreneurship college and celebrate this life changing event at T.G.I. Friday's. For Sophomore Orlando Calvo, this "typical" night has more implications than one could ever imagine.
While chatting with his brother and sister over dinner, Orlando improvised a potential business idea he had in mind for the future. Very naturally Orlando described his idea, Utandem, an online business resource site where anyone can find answers to all their business questions. So how does Utandem provide the plethora of answers requested by the business world? The questions are answered by none other than Babson students.
Utandem is meant to solve two problems. First, it is a business resource where anyone can go to find answers to their business questions. If you need business related advice, you post a question in Utandem and set your price. Shortly afterwards you will have a highly qualified answer from a Babson student. This is cheaper and takes less effort than consulting with a professional or actively seeking out advice from people you might know.
Calvo also wanted to help out Babson students. Utandem can be considered a source of income and is much more convenient than a part time job. With Utandem students set their own hours and work with business related issues.
A year after that fateful dinner, a year filled with research, development, programming, negotiations, and a leave of absence from Babson, Utandam was finally complete. Calvo has successfully raised twelve-thousand dollars in funding for the company and today spends much of his time marketing the company, which according to him, "Is proving rather difficult".
Already two Babson students have submitted great answers to business questions and received compensation for their efforts. Currently Utandem has 50 registered users and receives about 40 visits a day
According to Calvo, "We believe that we have enough feedback and information to begin mass marketing the site, this is our current focus".
Calvo understands business is complicated and business knowledge is even harder to come by. "I hope to carve a niche for quick and dependable business advice" Calvo said, "my vision is that one day, corporations and individuals will think of Utandem as a way to receive advice from the business professionals of tomorrow.
I hope our future clients will view Utandem as an inexpensive resource that provides information that is tailored to their needs, overnight".
Once Utandem is widely known, Babson students will have a source of income that pays them to delve further into their own studies. Ultimately, my vision is to provide more than a source of income for students, but a business experience that will help them in their life after Babson. My third goal is to make spread the Babson name; through excellence of service I want to make it widely known that this is the best undergraduate business school in the world.
Be sure to check out Utandem at www.utandem.com


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